"It's like having a guardian angel"

The Personal Safety App for the iPhone and Apple Watch

Our patented technology was designed for travelers, adventure seekers, people with passion, people that push the limits and love to enjoy life. It's for children and their parents, so both can have peace of mind that their loved ones are safe. It's for adrenaline junkies that enjoy going off the grid on their own, but want to know that someone will know when they don't return when expected and where their starting point was. Virtual Halo is for advocates of personal privacy. Our clients are in complete control over what information is shared. We all want assistance from time to time, but no one enjoys the constant eye of Big Brother



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Panic button that sends an SOS notification to your emergency contacts and lets them know they are in danger along with your location.



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Lets your emergency contacts know that you're OK and optionally sends your location.


going out

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Proactive alert service that sends a message to your emergency contacts if you haven't checked in after a preset activity by the time you had set, along with your last known geographic location.


i'm ok


Checks in on you throughout the day and alerts your emergency contacts if you indicate that you're not OK or if you do not respond, includes your last known location.

Learn how to setup the Virtual Halo app on your device here.