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Active vs. Passive Safety Tech

I believe that good tech should blend into the background. We shouldn't have to remember to do something, or bring something with us; that's unnatural and cumbersome. Heck, I'm lucky if I can get from the parking lot to my desk at the office without dropping something that I'm carrying - and usually, it's only a Starbucks iced coffee, a binder and my mobile phone!

People are great. When they hear about a new technology, they start to share with you about what's already out there in the marketplace. Some take the role of devils advocate, whereas most are trying to understand what you're trying to do with your new tech, and by doing this, they compare and contrast existing software and hardware devices to yours, hoping to gain a better understanding of what you're developing. That's exactly what I'm experiencing now with Virtual Halo. Just about everyone I discuss our app with has something to say about it. The vast majority has been really good feedback; and some sound like the animatronic man in Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress in Tomorrowland "It'll never work" he claims. Luckily, the science is sound, and Virtual Halo will work. And like Walt Disney, I have the determination to make it work.

I love when people tell me their thoughts on what I'm working on; it helps me be more creative and do a better job. Everyone needs a devils advocate; it keeps you on your toes. The adventure thus far has been amazing. And, the info passed on by my friends, family and colleagues has helped me get a broad view of the personal protection industry from a tech standpoint. The great news is that my invention, and the foundation on which Virtual Halo is being developed is unique. Sure, there are elements of tech that have been around a while, but we're looking to harness the capabilities of wearable and mobile technology in a way that makes notifying a users trusted network easy and convenient. In some cases, the user will need to initiate the communication, whereas in other instances, the technology is completely passive and will send notifications based on a series of events. Either way, its goal is to live in the background while protecting personal privacy and not tracking the individual so they can feel free and comfortable living their life.