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When Time Matters, Convenience Is Key

I was reading the USA Today on Wednesday and came across an article that proves the point that Virtual Halo is a necessity. The news article was about a Tennessee woman that had been kidnapped by an ex-con with history of domestic violence; he smuggled the victim across state lines to a hotel near New Orleans and then raped, strangled and abused her. It was through her shear determination to survive that she's still alive - by texting her sister from the abuser's phone while he briefly stepped out of the room.

When in a compromising situation, time matters. You can't always pull out a cell phone to make a call or send a text; it's obvious and if you're in a bad situation, the perpetrator is not going to let the communication go through. By integrating notifications and location data into a subtle app that resides on a person's wearable device, such as an Apple Watch, had the victim described above been wearing one, two taps of the watch could have sent out a distress SOS to loved ones, letting them know that she was in trouble and where her last known location was.

The victim in this case was able to summon help. She was determined and that determination probably saved her life. She's lucky. 

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