Virtual Halo for Education

Campus Halo


Virtual Halo for Education

Campus Halo

Designed for the unique requirements of college students, Campus Halo is designed to give students, their friends and their familes peace of mind knowing that if the student gets into an emergency situation, they can quickly and conveniently send out an SOS notification that will be received by their campus security and optionally a group of trusted contacts.

Features of Campus Halo:

  • Designed with the student in mind

  • Tied in to campus security so they receive all SOS notifications with location of student

  • SOS functionality is free for all students of select campuses. Your campus isn't listed? Download the Virtual Halo app.

  • Check In, Going Out and Date Mode (available late 2016) are available as an in-app subscription for $29.99 per year, or $19.99 per semester.

  • Date Mode pops up on your phone every 30 minutes to make sure you're ok and continues to do so until disabled. If you indicate you're OK (requires PIN), it goes back to sleep, if you say you're not OK, an SOS alert is sent, if you don't respond within 5 minutes, a different notification is sent letting your trusted contacts know that you haven't responded with your current location.

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