Soon, we will launch our Kickstarter campaign. All efforts that I and my colleagues have spent towards Virtual Halo come down to the support we will be asking for, from our friends, family, and people near and far that have an interest in personal security, have concerns for loved ones - whether they are elderly or young - or want a subtle presence available as they live their daily lives, in case something goes wrong. Kind of like a halo circling what's most important to you.

Our Virtual Family

Meet Jon, his wife Lynn, their daughter Hazel, and Gramps; they are all on board. In fact, they can't wait for Virtual Halo to come to fruition. They lead busy and independent lives and Virtual Halo gives them the freedom to know that they can get assistance if they need it, while collectively having peace of mind knowing that each other are fine.

Jon - Businessman, Professional, Avid Traveler and International Jet-Setter, Father of the Year and Son of the Millennium. You never know where Jon is going to be from one week to the next, and that works great with his family. When he's around, they are as "Brady Bunch" as a family can be, but they all know that times have changed, and they live broad, multi-dimensional lives.

Lynn - Professional, Philanthropic, Kind and Caring, Backwoods Adventure Seeker, Everyone's favorite Mom, Compassionate Daughter-In-Law. Lynn enjoys a lot of things, but nothing more than her family. Her husband Jon and daughter Hazel mean the most to her of anything in the world, which is why she wants to know they're safe. And if they should get into a situation, she wants to do everything in her power to help them, whenever or wherever they are.

Gramps - Fiercely Independent, Retired, Widowed, Lives on his own, Suffers from Vertigo, Grandfather, Father and Father-In-Law Extraordinaire. While Gramps insists on living alone, his vertigo has gotten the best of him from time to time, which is why Jon and Lynn keep such a close eye on him (it's also the reason he has so many railings in his house). Until Virtual Halo, they called him each morning to check in, and Gramps got really annoyed by those calls. He wished they'd call to chat and be social instead of the obligatory call to make sure he was mobile. Now, with Virtual Halo's "I'm OK" feature, Gramps looks forward to the calls from his son and daughter-in-law; they're more meaningful.

Hazel - Rebellious Teen, Rockstar, Foodie, Novice Hacker, Lover of Board Games, Fluent in German, and loves Krankenwagens. Hazel hates to check in, never tells her parents when she gets home from school (or where she's going when she goes out), but she's a good kid. She's still a Daddy's Girl, she doesn't get into much trouble, but her parents worry about her. The world is a changing place and they want to give her the freedom she needs to be the person she is, but they both want to make sure she's ok.

When our Kickstarter goes live, you will learn how our Virtual Family have integrated Virtual Halo into their lives. Not as a burden, but as a seamless piece of technology that provides a greater peace of mind.

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