With all of the mayhem in the news lately, people are concerned about international travel, rightly so. We've crafted a list of things that people should have handy in preparing for their trip to ensure it's as safe and hassle free as possible. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee a terror attach, but knowing what to do should you find yourself in the middle of the action could mean the difference between life or death.

  • Pack what's important - We all tend to overpack, mainly because we do it the night before we're set to leave. At that point, it's easy to forget something critical and to pack unnecesary items that can both weigh you down and take up valuable space. You'll want to remember the following items:
    • Write down your emergency contacts and their contact information
    • Make copies of the front and back of your credit cards and your signed passport page; leave a copy at home and take a copy with you.
    • Keep these copies with you inside of your carry on luggage and keep it with you at all times.
    • Take at least two weeks worth of medication..
  • Make a plan - Discuss what you'll do in case of an attack with your traveling companions; in the event of a disturbance, where will you meet, how will you get there, etc. It's a good idea to take a simple one-page map of the area you'll be traveling with you in case your mobile device loses power or the internet goes down.
    • Prior to travel, register with the U.S. State Department's STEP Program.
    • While traveling, memorize your hotel's emergency exits and what the most evacuation route from your hotel room to the outside is and be prepared to retrace this route with limited visibility.
    • Once overseas, register with the nearest embassy and record their contact information and that of the nearest consulate if applicable.
  • Carry backup cash - Cash is king and when on foot and if the internet goes down, it can help you get something to eat and a few bottles of water. Credit cards don't always work and there's nothing that will make you feel helpless than not having purchasing power.
  • Avoid high-target areas - Avoid crowded areas at busy times of the day. Major sporting events, festivals and rally's are soft targets that a terrorist may find appealing.
  • Try not to stand out - Instead of being the "ugly American" practice blending in by wearing muted colors, khaki pants, dark socks and leather shoes. Nothing stands out internationally more than an American wearing shorts, athletic shoes and white socks.
  • Use your tools - Utilize the Virtual Halo app and communicate to your emergency contacts what your plan is in case of an emergency. Remember - SOS and Check In mode are your friends.