Last week, we had the opportunity to participate in the Innovation Showcase at the Dellara Car Factory in Indianapolis, at the Speedway. What an amazing event! Startups from around the midwest drove adn flew in to showcase their technology.

From agricultural evolution and medical device advances in cancer tissue analyzation to software companies with new apps (like Virtual Halo) to a company that's invented a better toilet seat for people in wheelchairs. The 80 innovative companies given an invitation to exhibit truly were the Best of the Best as dubbed by the Venture Club of Indiana.

I'd like to give a huge shout out to the group at Elevate Ventures, and all of the Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors that attended the events. Those of you that met with us kow who you are; thanks!

The Innovation Showcase was the first regional startup event Virtual Halo has attended, but after winning the two events hosted in Peoria, IL in the past year, it was time to expand. The questions asked and offers made were nothing short of awesome and we are hubled by the excitement and buzz that's surrounding our personal protection app.