It’s that time again, January is National Stalking Awareness Month. If you are a victim, here are VITAL tips that will help you navigate your case with the police and keep you safe.

Safety Checklist:

  • What to do if you're being stalked:
    • Make it clear to the stalker that you don't want any further contact.
    • DOCUMENT ALL INCIDENTS IN A JOURNAL: Include time, Date and description of event
    • Save all the evidence - Phone messages, emails, letters, gifts, etc.
    • Contact the Police - Bring all evidence to the Police Station
    • Keep a camera or videocamera on hand - Snap his picture or videotape his antics. Do not put yourself in danger to get the shot. Stay in your car or home when taking the picture and make sure the environment is safe before you videotape any damage that has been done
    • Make an emergency contact list for you and your family - Include phone numbers of Police Station (911 if it’s urgent), Name and Badge number of officer assigned to your case, Child Care or School contact numbers, name and number of attorney or prosecutor
    • Subscribe to [Virtual Halo][1] so you can let your family or close friends know if the stalker comes near you or is harrasing you; they will know your location and can talke swift action to minimize a bad outcome.
    • Avoid any further contact with the stalker: Do not communicate with your stalker in any way. Change your daily routine. Shop at a different grocery store; drive home a different way every day. If your situation is extremely dangerous, relocate. (Talk with police officials or victim assistance organizations for help) For more information, read [College Safety 101, Miss Independents guide to Empowerment, Confidence and Staying Safe][2] (Chronicle Books).

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