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Virtual Halo, LLC Acquires Safone of Begium


Virtual Halo, LLC Acquires Safone of Begium


Virtual Halo, LLC Acquires Brussels Belgium-Based Safone Personal Safety App

Brussels Belgium, March 16, 2019
– Safone, the personal safety app, today announced the acquisition of its connected safety suite of technologies designed to protect people by Virtual Halo, LLC, an Illinois USA based personal safety company.

“Our mission from the creation of Safone has been to provide loved ones the knowledge of when their contact has arrived safely at their destination,” said Olivier Beaujean, Co-Founder of Safone. “Stéphane de Biolley (Safone Co-Founder) and I built this application because we believe in personal safety; it’s a necessary component of our extremely mobile and transient world and a good option did not exist in the French-speaking world. Because of our strong belief in the value Safone provides, we feel that the best way to achieve widespread adoption is to merge Safone with an established company within the safety space. After an exhaustive search, we feel that Virtual Halo, LLC is the right partner to align our technology with.”

 “Virtual Halo has the digital infrastructure and team in place to build upon the great work that Olivier Beaujean and Stéphane de Biolley have crafted Safone into,” said Josh Swank, CEO of Virtual Halo, LLC. “We aim to provide a lasting legacy to their project while integrating Safone into Virtual Halo’s patented personal safety technology ecosystem, which will provide additional safety features to Safone’s users along with adding unique features to Virtual Halo’s community. Safone’s existing user-base is particularly strong throughout Belgium and the EU and we are excited to be able to provide additional solutions to both French and English-speaking audiences.”

Virtual Halo streamlines real-time communications in emergency and potential-emergency situations, providing emergency contacts (or guardians) the knowledge of where a person is and that they are either: safe, in trouble or may need assistance. Alerts are communicated through a combination of push-notifications, in-app messaging, SMS messaging and social media postings, depending on user preference. “Virtual Halo is pioneering modern-day personal safety technology around the world for mobile and wearable devices. The acquisition of Safone to the Virtual Halo family of personal safety apps is a natural fit,” said Swank.

 Safone will remain available as a free download with basic SOS / Panic Mode functionality in both French and English for the iOS and Android mobile operating systems and is available in all 139 countries the Google Play Store provides service and the 155 countries that the Apple App Store conducts business. Additional features will be available via an in-app subscription (a seven-day free trial remains standard).

 Virtual Halo Features to be integrated into the Safone Application within 2019 will result in the following modules available to users of both apps:

  • SOS / Panic Button

  • Mobile-Based Siren (when button is pressed, or headphones removed from phone)

  • Journey Travel Time (walking, bicycling, driving and bus-transit)

  • Follow My Journey

  • Destination Arrival Notification

  • Going Out

  • Check-In

  • Live-Location


About Virtual Halo

Virtual Halo is an advanced technology company based out of Peoria, IL USA focusing on technologies to keep people safe without anyone being able to actively track the user without their knowledge and consent. Privacy is paramount and their entire technology platform is designed to put the user in complete control over who has access to their specific location, path, journey or health related information. The company focusses on building personal safety solutions on mobile and wearable devices for active participants in the journey of life including: individuals, families and business, students and global travelers. From audible alarms on mobile devices, geo-fencing that provides both proactive and reactive alerts and integration with advanced Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Halo’s patented and patent pending technologies weave a halo of safety surrounding the users of their personal safety technology.

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Josh Swank, CEO
Virtual Halo, LLC



How You Can Protect Yourself In Business


How You Can Protect Yourself In Business

We live in an age where if you cannot be found online, then people may think you simply do not exist. As crazy as this idea may sound, in a cyber-friendly world you pretty much have to be online to earn clients’ business.


But while being online is essential to a successful business, it does come with its own set of safety concerns - cybercriminals. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself in your business:

1. Move Your Data to the Cloud

The Cloud is a very common and cost-effective way to keep your business’s data protected from cyber-attacks. When your data is sent to the Cloud, it becomes encoded. The algorithm used for this encoding is complex enough to keep your data safe and secure. It can only be accessed with an encryption key, and it is virtually impossible for hackers to have the processing power required to break into the data.

2. Always Back Up Your Data

Moving your data to the Cloud is a great first step to keeping your data protected, but you should always back this data up as well for extra security. It may be a good decision to invest in IT for this, but this should be discussed and researched to determine what is best for your business. No matter what decision you make, you need to ensure your data can be backed up to have access to the data in multiple secure locations in the event of a breach.

3. Encrypt and Password Protect

Wherever you store your data, take care to both encrypt it and keep it password protected. Like with the Cloud, encryption makes it more difficult for cybercriminals to hack into your confidential data. When you establish a password, make it long and use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols to make it harder to crack. Never use personally identifying information like your birthday, as these can be easier to figure out.

And Always Use Trustworthy Programs and Applications

Finally, whenever you choose to move your data to the Cloud, into a program or other location, always do some background searching to make sure you are moving it into a credible source. Know the programs and applications you plan to use are safe, secure and reliable. Virtual Halo is dedicated to keeping client data safe and out of the hands of potential threats.


3 Tips For Protecting Your Online Identity


3 Tips For Protecting Your Online Identity

We live in a very tech-savvy age, with both the young and elderly having constant access to the internet one way or another. While instant access to information has brought the world closer together than ever before, using these online tools comes with its own set of dangers.

As you browse the web using your search engine account, scroll through updates on Facebook or Twitter or “Like” photos on Instagram, your personal information is being accessed.


However, there are ways to protect your online identity as you continue to enjoy these online platforms. Here’s how:

1. Start with a Strong Password

Your first line of defense against internet predators is your password. Having a strong password helps to keep hackers at bay so they are unable to log in to your account and access your personal information; information which may include your full legal name, address, phone number, credit card details or even social security number. This is true for all of your online accounts, from social media to online banking and more. Here are some tips for your password:

  • Keep it longer
  • Mix letters, numbers and symbols
  • Do not use any identifying information, like your birthday
  • Use a different password for each account

2. Check Your Privacy Settings

Once you have a strong password set, log in to your account and check your privacy settings. Social media accounts usually give you control over who can view the information you are posting on your account. This helps prevent people you do not know accessing your personal information on your profile. Parents, if you have a child on social media, sit down with them to discuss their privacy settings. Log in to their account together and set them up to keep them safe.

3. Know HTTP vs. HTTPS

To keep your online identity safe across all avenues of the internet, check the site’s address. If you notice that it starts with “HTTP”, do NOT go to the website. This does not necessarily indicate that your personal information will be at risk or stolen, but the website is not as safe as one that begins with “HTTPS.” “HTTPS” is secure, so you will be less at risk of picking up a virus that could grant someone access to your information.

Keep Yourself, and Your Family, Safe

Especially with mobile devices, keeping your personal information safe is critically important. We have instant access to applications and web pages that are consistently pulling our information. Be sure to choose apps that value your privacy, like Virtual Halo, so you can browse and play safely. Virtual Halo is available for download here.


The Perfect Christmas Present For Your Delivery Driver


The Perfect Christmas Present For Your Delivery Driver

It’s that time of year again! The time when everyone is rushing out last minute gifts, shipping the latest must-have items to friends and family and sending off wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

But while you are wrapping your presents and sealing those envelopes, be sure to keep your delivery driver in mind. They can visit hundreds of addresses in a single day, which may put them in less-traveled areas they may or may not be as familiar with. While they travel their route, they could also be putting their safety at risk.


So here is why Virtual Halo is the perfect Christmas present for your delivery driver:

Their Loved Ones Know Where They Are

This time of year we all have our friends and loved ones at the forefront of our minds, this is especially true for the families of delivery drivers. As they make their deliveries, Virtual Halo lets them check in with their loved ones to let them know they are safe. The app is designed to allow them to check in, telling their loved ones they are okay, or send them a note when they have arrived to designated locations. This way, if they are late returning to the office or home, they have instant access to a quick and easy way to let their loved ones know.

They Can Get Help When They Need It

With its instant SOS notification feature, Virtual Halo is a personal safety app that gives the delivery driver access to help when they need it. If they encounter a dangerous situation, they can use the app to send an SOS alert to their loved ones and let them know they need help. The app will send their loved ones a notification in addition to their last known GPS location. This way, they can call for help, and it will quickly be on its way.

Keeping Families Safe

Ultimately, when you gift your delivery driver with the Virtual Halo app for their phone, you are giving them the gift of safety, and their loved ones the gift of peace of mind. They will always have access to help if they need it, and they will always be connected with their loved ones. This is just one small way Virtual Halo is working to keep families connected and safe this Holiday season.


My Group Is Gone! Use This To Alert Them


My Group Is Gone! Use This To Alert Them

Group outings can be extremely fun, but for the safety-conscious they can also be a significant source of stress or anxiety. At Virtual Halo, we value your safety, and your sanity, so we have developed a solution that will keep you and your entire group safe, sound and connected no matter where you go. That way if a member of your group scampers off into the unknown on an adventure of their own, you will know how to find them and they will always have a way to get back to you.


Here is how you can stay alert when you are in a group with Virtual Halo:

More Than Just a Personal Safety App

Virtual Halo was designed with adventurers and thrill-seekers in mind, but with all of the features this personal safety app offers, it has become much more than that. The app is now used by travelers, employees, mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, friends… the list goes on!

With features like SOS, Check-In, Going Out and I’m OK, the app has opened up a whole new world of safety. So when it comes to going out with friends or family in a group, making sure you each have the app installed is a vital part of staying together.

Alert Your Group (When You Need To)

When you have Virtual Halo installed, you get to select your own list of emergency contacts. These contacts are the ones that will be notified in the event of an emergency, or if you happen to venture a little too far when you go off on your solo adventuring. You can alert the group with a quick SOS if you are in trouble, or send them an I’m OK so they do not need to worry.

The best part? Only the contacts you approve of will have access to your location information. That means you do not have to worry about the eyes of Big Brother or other unauthorized access to your personal privacy. When you need help, the app will send your most recent GPS location to your emergency contacts, but it will never grant access to your information unnecessarily.

Download the App and Stay Connected

Before your next group outing, be sure to have everyone download Virtual Halo to their smartphones and Apple Watches. This way, you can set each other as emergency contacts and if someone wanders off, you can all get back together again, safely.