It's a hard question; one in which I'm working on right now. One has to consider how they want their app to look. Does it resemble the company as a whole, or is it merely a product of the company? Should it connotate fun, or professionalism? Should it be descriptive or oblique? It's tough to decide when the canvas starts white, with a world of possibilities from which to choose from. From a user experience standpoint, it's a really important decision. It sets the tone.

In the life of a startup, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made; some big and some small, but the icon of your flagship product needs to hit the mark. It tells a story. Even though the adage says to not judge a book by its cover, we all do. If the icon isn't compelling, what else will a person use to make the determination that they want the app?

This is the point I'm at. Right now, I'm leaning towards this type of a look. What do you think? What kind of emotions or thoughts does it evoke in you? Does it show what you think Virtual Halo is as a company? Yes, the icon can be changed in the future, but we're really trying hard so that we won't have to do that.

The question I now ask: "Does this icon set the tone for an app dedicated to personal safety?"

Comments are great, please leave them below. We take all of the feedback given to try to give our customers what they want. Thanks!