You’re an adventure-seeker. You love the thrill of travel and you’re brimming with passion - passion for life, and passion for living. But with adventure often comes risk, no matter how big or small, so it’s important to keep yourself safe and secure.

One of the most efficient ways to keep yourself safe is with Virtual Halo, the digital karate for yourpersonal safety. Here’s how this easy-to- use app is keeping you and your loved ones safe, from the youngest adventurer to the most established traveler:

Virtual Halo is Reactive OR Pro-Active

With Virtual Halo on your side, you’re encouraged to experience the joy of life with peace of mind knowing you have access to help when you need it. The app is designed to stay in the background without giving anyone access to your personal information or location unless you want them to have it. But if you do need to ask for help, it’s as simple as a button click to send a push notification to an emergency contact of your choice.

It’s Simple and Efficient

With four different options, you can let your contact know how you are anytime, anywhere.

  • SOS is a panic button. Use it to send an SOS notification along with your location to your emergency contacts to let them know you’re in danger.
  • Check-in allows you to let your contacts know you’re safe.
  • Going Out is a proactive alert. If you haven’t checked in after a preset activity and time, Virtual Halo will automatically send a message to your contacts along with your last known geographic location.
  • I’m OK checks in on you throughout the day. If you’re not OK, or you don’t respond, Virtual Halo alerts your contacts and sends them your last known location. (Feature coming in 2018)

Personal Safety with a Kick

Next time you’re our adventuring, make sure you bring your cell phone with Virtual Halo downloaded, installed and ready to go. Strap on your Apple Watch for even quicker access to our safety app when you need it. It’s like having a digital karate master always by your side.