We live in a very mobile and tech-savvy society. Smartphones and iPhones are found everywhere, in the hands of the old and young alike. And for good reason.

Modern smartphones have become miniature computers with their capabilities and processing power. This has allowed them to become essential tools in everyday life for virtually everyone - most especially children. Children have adopted the technology as part of a societal norm, using them for social communication, keeping track of their schedules for school and sports and even researching for class assignments.

But there are two essential reasons why your child should have an iPhone:

1. iPhones Help You Stay Connected

You have a busy schedule, and with classes, sports and other social events in your child’s life,
they do, too. How can you stay on top of everything? The iPhone lets you sync calendars so
you can see what your child is doing and when, and it also gives you an avenue to stay in
constant communication if anything should change. And you don’t even have to call each other
to do that anymore. With the iPhone you can send a quick iMessage with an update.

2. iPhones Let You Know Where They Are

It’s a big world out there, so one of the first things you should connect on your phones is Find
My Friends. This app lets you see where your child is on a GPS-like map. This is handy for
parents with busy bee children with full calendars so you can always keep an eye out to make
sure they’re safe at a game, birthday party or otherwise.


iPhones As Safety Tools

Ultimately, as a parent, you want to keep your child safe. And the iPhone is a great way to do
that, quickly and easily. Once you have the phone set up with basic features and Find My
Friends, go to the app store and download Virtual Halo. This safety app gives your child access
to help, instantly, if they need it. It also lets them check in with you with just the touch of a button to let you know they’re safe, without taking time away from their social life. And for the really tech savvy family, the app now works with the Apple Watch with LTE connectivity, so they don’t even have to unlock their phone.