Being in a dangerous or uncomfortable situation is a frightening experience. With adrenaline pumping through your veins and the fight-or- flight response kicking in, it’s critical to make the right decision at the right time to keep yourself safe. If you’re lost and you can feel yourself start to panic, take a deep breath and calmly pull out your phone or Apple Watch.
With Virtual Halo, your personal safety app, installed on these devices telling someone you’re lost and need help is as easy as two quick taps on the screen. Here’s how it works:

Check-In To Let Them Know You’re OK

If you’ve gone off the grid or you’re simply traveling away from home, Virtual Halo lets you send a quick, simple message to your preset list of emergency contacts that lets them know you’re okay. You can even opt to send your location for an extra sense of safety and security. In 2018 this feature is expanding to allow you to automatically check in with your contacts throughout the day, with the option to immediately notify them with your last known location if you do not respond.

Send an Instant SOS If You’re Not

On the other hand, if you are not okay and find that you’ve lost your way, sending an SOS is as easy as tap-tap on the screen of your phone or Apple Watch. Virtual Halo comes equipped with a panic button that will send an instant SOS notification to your emergency contacts that lets them know you’re in danger. This comes in handy when you’re lost, because it sends GPS coordinates of your last known location with the SOS so they can send help directly to you.


Go Adventuring with Confidence

Before your next adventure begins, be sure to plan ahead and download Virtual Halo to your devices. Having an Apple Watch on your wrist with the app ready to go is a quick and efficient way to send an SOS if you do happen to get lost. It’s an intuitive personal safety app designed with you in mind, so you can go adventuring confidently, and get help if you need it.