For teens, going off to college is an exciting, and liberating milestone.

But for parents, this event can be terrifying. Especially if they go to school out of state, as nearly 14% of students do.

As a parent, how can you feel confident that your teen will be safe even when you aren’t there? Start by talking to them about safety and precautions they should take, then take advantage of the one thing you know they’ll never go a second without - their cell phone.

Install Their Personal SOS

As your teen is busy preparing for their new classes stocking up on pens, papers and books, scratch one more thing off the to do list by downloading Virtual Halo to their cell phone. Virtual Halo is a personal safety app that will give you peace of mind by giving your teen access to quick and convenient SOS notification in the event of an emergency.

The app was designed with the college student in mind. When your teen uses the SOS, it not only sends a message to you and their chosen, trusted contacts, and can also be setup to text their campus security as well. This way, you can relax (as much as possible) knowing that nearby help is on the way. It’s free to use for basic services, with extended services costing only $1.99 per month; peace of mind as your teen strolls around campus.

Education is Important, but…

We know their safety comes first. That’s why we developed an app to give your teen the ability to immediately contact those closest to them for help when they need it. With the app, they can check in, mark when they’re going out and use the innovative Going Out Mode. When active, Going Out will automatically send an SOS if it's not disabled by the time they originally set. So you and your teen can always feel safe, anywhere, at any time.